Rome is groaning under the weight of its history and accomplishment. All that Rome see’s it conquers. Five hundred years of the republic and senate rule have strained under more and more pressure from the populus and poor of Rome to distribute the land more equally. Unemployment is at an all time high as many of the jobs that were once filled by Romans are instead populated by slaves. The poor cry out for change while the aristocratic patrician families grow richer and fatter on the spoils of Rome.


Under the black pitch of night, the lares of Rome also cast out their envoys into the wilderness along side Caesar; The Shadows, Worms and Savages of the night must be brought under the governance of the Senex and Julii of Rome, an eternal gathering of wise men and women who guide their mortal descendents and reign in the bloodlust of that which lurk in the ancient night. Without the steady hand of the Senex, Rome could not flourish.


While the characters you will play will begin as mortals, in time as history is unfolded before you, your characters may find themselves drawn into the eternal dance macabre and into a requiem all their own. Whatever roles you wish to play can be open for you, Roman legions were traveling cities, so not everyone that rode with Caesar was a legionnaire, The supply trains that brought much needed support for the legions also contained dignitaries, professionals and even women of ill repute. Caesar also waged an image war with the senate of Rome and so would send long reports constantly showing his efforts to bring the Gauls under control. Everyone in Rome is said to have a stake in the war that Caesar wages, even his deathless ancestors.

Roma Eternus