Wings of the Camarilla
Haven, Mentor, Resources, Retainer

Resources, Fighting Styles, Mentor, Retainer


Allies, Contacts, Haven, Herd

Boons and Prestation

O – Small favors
OO – Serious Debt
OOO – History of Debt (difficult favors)
OOOO – Great debt
OOOOO – Life Debt

Character creation notes

For every 5xp you take at character creation, up to a maximum of 25xp, equals the level of debt that your character has placed themselves in with a requisite patron. (gives an NPC a free dot of patron for every 5xp taken.)

Humanity can be bought down to 5 at character creation.

Every player gets 10xp at character creation to put into skills, attributes or merits.

Active periods
Experience point breakdown
1xp – staying in character for duration of play (1)
.5xp for every hour of gameplay (rounded down) (4max)
1xp for achieving a story goal (varies)
1xp for achieving a personal goal (major) (varies)

(5 to 7 XP a game max)

Downtime Goals
Personal goal (minor, major) 1 major goal per player, minor goals=resolve (3 minor goals to a major goal)

Story goal (as determined by patron or NPC allies) can only be achieved during active periods.

Downtime (minor) Max 50 years
5xp for every 25 year downtime (1 per 5 year downtime)
+1 for successful implementation (extended roll or roleplaying or both) of personal goal (major).

No story goals during downtime
Establish/Battle plot (based on resolve)

Downtime (major) Max 100 years

1xp for every 10 years of downtime.
No personal goals
No story goals
Establish/battle plot (based on resolve)

Downtime spent in torpor
You still get 2xp minimum for every 50 years spent in torpor (all types)

During downtime you can initiate the implementation of major personal goals but cannot see them through to completion until an active period.

Propinqui law
Death/blood hunt – reclaimation of the blood
Proscription – all property is seized, all standing in the camarilla is lost. (usually beaten into torpor and left to their own devices)
Boons (Fines)
Status (Loss of Face)

Kindred Law resolution
Integrity: lowest of wits or composure (taken off of the debate roll like defense is.)
Wits+Politics to see a weakness that can be exploited
Composure+subterfuge to hide weaknesses.


Laws of the Camarilla
Dominion – the Camarilla determines the divisions of domain in all roman lands
Destruction – No vampire shall be put to death without legal sentence from the Senex
Amaranth – All kindred are forbidden from devouring the hearts blood of another vampire.

Edict of 388
Any violence to a lawful appointed senex member is an attack on the camarilla. Senex are not to be harmed at the risk of kissing Apollo or exile from roman territory.

Edict of Aulus Secundus
The legio is immune from prosecution in the pursuit of the Senex’s will.

Edict of 210
Poaching in the Palantine is punishable by exile from Rome.

Lares – family advisors – urbanites
Manes – Evil Spirits of the night – necropolis


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