Julius Cassius Felix

Centurion Equites of the 13th Cohort, Tenth Legion


A short latin man with closely cropped hair and piercing eyes, he carries himself like a roman soldier of high birth and smells like expensive perfumes and olive oil when in camp and like dirt and blood when on the battle field. His stare is penetrating and his voice carries over a crowded room. J.C. is an experience rather than a simple person and his personal magnetism draws everyone near. He is the centre of every conversation and the central figure everyone looks to when they need a leader.


Quotes: “I love the smell of burning thatch in the morning”; “Your plan will fail, my men won’t, Use them.”; “You will serve Rome. Either by greasing its wheels with your blood, or by doing as I have asked, these are your choices.”; “We are brothers in blood and iron. Nothing will weaken the love and devotion we have for each other, if you fall, the rest of us are here to pick you up. I am here to pick you up.”; “SIT DOWN

Julius Cassius Felix

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